Artist Statement

For several years my primary focus has been the role of mother. Now that my daughter is older, I find myself transitioning back into the life of an artist.  In this season of life, I am not only re-inventing myself as an artist, but also finding who I am once again as an individual.  I bring to this new body of work a combination of joy, playfulness, and a curiosity about what it is to be human. 


The process of creating is just as important to me as the finished pieces.  The process must be fun, guided by intuition and full of experimentation. I start with a basic idea or design and then let the piece move me in whatever direction it chooses.  The pieces change and transform many times before they are finished.  Some are purely meant to be beautiful while others have much deeper meaning.  I look to Hindu traditions and the Chakra system to investigate the various aspects of myself.  Ways to create a more joyous, prosperous, and healthy life; not only for myself, but for those around me.


I use recycled plastic bags, anodized aluminum, sterling silver, copper, enamel and gemstones to create beautiful and symbolic forms within the work.  These take the shape of flowers, petals, eyes, teardrops and so on.  Some of these are directly related to symbols within the Chakra system, while others are symbolic of my personal experiences and the lens through which I see life. 


I look forward to this new phase of life.  I welcome it with curiosity, openness and a surrender that wasn’t present before.  I create this new body of work to help navigate my own journey of self-identity and to hopefully convey a sense of joy, curiosity, and beauty to those who experience it.